mayo 4, 2023

The importance of Technical and Audiovisual Support in events

Events can be a great way to promote your business, publicize your campaign, educate your audience, or simply share valuable information. However, organizing a successful event can be a considerable challenge, especially if you have to deal with unexpected technical problems. That is why it is essential to have reliable technical support and audiovisual assistance during your event.

Here are some reasons why it is important to hire technical support and audiovisual assistance for your events:

  1. Quick resolution of technical problems: Even with the best planning, unforeseen technical problems can arise during your event. If you don't have a support team available to fix these issues quickly, your event may be delayed or even cancelled. An experienced technical support team can help you identify and fix technical issues before they impact your event.
  2. Making sure everything is working properly: From sound and lighting to presentation equipment and internet connections, there are many things that need to be working properly during an event. If something goes wrong, it can ruin the entire experience for your attendees. By having an audiovisual support team, you can be sure that everything works correctly and that your event will run smoothly.
  3. Saving time and money: If you try to fix technical problems on your own, you can lose valuable time and spend more money buying new equipment or hiring a specialist at the last minute. By having a support team and audiovisual assistance available, you can save time and money by resolving technical issues efficiently and quickly.
  4. Offer a more professional experience: A well-organized and executed event can make your company or brand appear more professional. Hiring a technical support and audiovisual assistance team can help ensure that your event looks and feels professional at all times.

In summary, hiring technical support and audiovisual assistance for your events can make a big difference in the success of your event. From quickly resolving technical issues to making sure everything is running smoothly, having an experienced and reliable team can help make your event a smooth success.

abril 13, 2023

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpreting at live events is a technique used around the world to enable multilingual communication in real time. It is a form of interpreting in which the interpreter listens to the speaker in one language and at the same time speaks to the public in another language.

This type of interpreting is common in conferences, meetings, congresses, and other events attended by people who speak different languages. Interpreters work in soundproof booths equipped with electronic devices that allow them to listen to the speaker and then transmit the interpretation in real time to the audience's headphones.

It is important that interpreters are highly trained, as they must quickly capture and translate the speaker's ideas clearly and accurately. In addition, they must be able to maintain attention and concentration for long periods.

Simultaneous interpreters use a wide range of techniques to interpret and must have a broad understanding of the terminology and context of the topics being discussed at the event. For this reason, often the professionals in charge of simultaneous translation spend time prior to the event to study the slang and appropriate terminology for the type of content according to the sector to which the audience belongs.

In summary, simultaneous interpretation in live events is essential to enable communication in multilingual situations and its correct implementation requires highly specialized skills and advanced techniques.

Ask us if you need more information about simultaneous interpretation or find professionals for your event or live meeting.

abril 12, 2023

What is the ‘Streaming’ technology?

Streaming technology has become a fundamental tool for event production and audiovisual rental in the digital age. But what exactly is streaming and how does it work?

Streaming is a technology that allows the transmission of audio and video in real time over the Internet. Unlike downloading files, streaming allows users to access content without first having to download it to their device. Instead, the data is transmitted continuously from a server through an Internet connection, allowing the user to view or listen to content in real time without interruption.

This technology is very useful for the production of events and audiovisual rentals because it allows a conference, a concert or any other type of event to be broadcast live online. In this way, anyone anywhere in the world can follow the event in real time without having to be physically present.

But how is streaming done?

In essence, the streaming process involves three main elements: the origin server, the distribution network, and the client. The origin server is in charge of sending the content to the distribution network, which in turn is in charge of transmitting it to the clients that access the content. Clients can access the content through a web browser or a dedicated application.

Streaming technology is very useful for online event production, live broadcasting, and audiovisual equipment rental. At Media, we are specialized in the rental of sound equipment and audiovisual technical services for streaming.

What streaming tools currently exist?

The best known and current streaming servers or tools for use in conferences are the following. We tell you its benefits and shortcomings:

  • Zoom – It is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms in the world, offering a wide range of functions and features for online conferencing. Its main benefit is its ease of use and the quality of its connection. The main shortcoming is that your security and privacy have been questioned in the past.
  • Microsoft Teams: is a business communication and collaboration platform that includes video conferencing and online meeting features. Its main benefit is its integration with other Microsoft services, such as Office 365. The main shortcoming is that it is not as popular as other video conferencing platforms.
  • Google Meet: It is a video conferencing platform from Google that allows users to hold online meetings and share screens. Its main benefit is that it is integrated with other Google services, such as Gmail and Google Calendar. The main shortcoming is that the quality of your connection may be inferior to other video conferencing platforms.
  • Cisco Webex: is an enterprise video conferencing and collaboration platform that allows users to hold online meetings, share screens and files, and collaborate in real time. Its main benefit is your security and privacy, as well as the quality of your connection. The main shortcoming is that it can be expensive for small businesses.

The use of these streaming providers requires in many cases an audiovisual technical professional. Its infinity of applications, tools and periodic updates make continuous training necessary. In addition, its integration with professional sound equipment is somewhat complex and requires a technician throughout the event.

At Media we are specialists in Streaming events. We have seen the birth and growth of this technology for more than ten years, adapting at all times to new features. If you have a streaming event in mind, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

abril 11, 2023

Audiovisual news and events

Currently, the world of events and audiovisual rental is in a moment of constant evolution in which technology plays a fundamental role. With the advancement of technology and the growing need to display content of better quality and resolution, the industry has adapted to new demands and has incorporated innovations such as streaming, video conferencing, and video mapping, among others.

The pandemic has accelerated the use of these technologies, as many companies have turned to hosting virtual events to reach a broader audience. Streaming, in particular, has become an essential tool for the live transmission of events, allowing the participation of a global audience and the dissemination of content more effectively. In addition, the need to display content of better quality and resolution has driven the use of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, such as giant high-definition screens, surround sound systems, and state-of-the-art lighting equipment.

In this context, the technical staging of audiovisual equipment has become a key element for the success of any event. The coordination and control of this equipment by a highly trained technical team allows the creation of a magical and enveloping environment that transports the viewer to a world of sensations. In summary, the evolution of technology and the need to show content of better quality and resolution have promoted the incorporation of new tools and techniques in the events and audiovisual rental sector, which has led to the creation of unforgettable experiences for the public. assistant.

abril 10, 2023

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to Media's blog about audiovisuals, technology and its importance in awakening emotions! In this space, we'll explore the powerful relationship between sound and image, and how together they can create an exciting and memorable experience for the viewer.

Our passion for the potential of technology to create personalized events dates back ten years, when we began creating unique experiences for our clients. Since then, we have seen how the creative use of audiovisual media can transform an event into something truly special.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of clients and projects, from weddings to large corporate productions. In each case, our goal has always been the same: to create an experience that stirs emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

In this blog, we will share our knowledge and experience in creating bespoke events, as well as the latest advances in audiovisual technology and how they can be applied to maximize the emotional impact of your viewers. We hope you find inspiration and helpful resources to create your own unforgettable event.

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