The scariest time is just before you start.

That moment when you expect everything to go as you had projected it in your mind. At MEDIA we know the importance of everything working perfectly, even before your story begins. The key is to fine-tune each key, perform all the necessary tests, from all points of contact and, when we know that it is difficult to improve it, we keep trying. Only in this way can we offer the best experience and generate a memory that lasts forever.

We have the latest equipment on the market to make your event a luxury. Our technicians carry out a preliminary study of the project to determine the best material for the perfect sound system and preparation of the event location.
We provide the necessary equipment and technical personnel to carry out congresses, conventions, cultural and sporting events, fairs and exhibitions in any space with the different technological solutions on the market.


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Listen, feel, remember.

Bespoke sound projects

Creation of customized solutions for the production and reproduction of audio. Our projects are tailored to the specific needs of the client, from sound systems for events and conferences to sound installations in recording studios and cinemas.

We work with the client to understand their requirements and design a sound system that meets their expectations and budget. Our bespoke sound projects can include selecting and configuring high-quality equipment, creating optimal room acoustics, and programming control and automation systems. In short, custom sound projects provide a unique and unforgettable audio experience.


Look again.

Video installations

Event video recording projects focus on capturing and producing high-quality video for live events, such as weddings, conferences, concerts, etc.

We work in collaboration with the client to plan and produce a recording that captures the essence of the event and creates a lasting memory. This may include selecting suitable cameras and recording equipment, developing a recording plan, supervising a team of camera operators, and post-production to edit and produce the final video. Video recording projects for events can offer personalized solutions and a unique experience for each client.


Get excited.

Lighting projects

Lighting for events is one of the most important elements, it gives us a lot of play to combine and create different environments, as well as animate and create different states of mind: relaxation, animation, intensity or intrigue.

Any event, large or small, needs adequate lighting to create an environment consistent with the purpose of the event. Each act or celebration needs a suitable setting that fits its objective and lighting for events, together with sound, is one of the most powerful points to achieve the desired effect.


Live. Remember.

Global Event Design

We cover a wide range of comprehensive solutions for event planning and production. These services range from the conceptualization and design of a thematic concept to the selection of suppliers and the supervision of the day of the event.

We work collaboratively with the client to understand their needs and desires, and then use their experience and knowledge to create a unique and impactful event. This may include decoration services, audio and video production, lighting, catering, among others.

In short, we provide a comprehensive and personalized solution for each client, which ensures a smooth and problem-free experience.


Technology at the service of experience and creativity.

Audiovisual Technical Support

El soporte técnico y audiovisual es esencial para garantizar un evento exitoso y sin problemas.

Como profesionales de soporte técnico y audiovisual proporcionamos servicios técnicos y asistencia para asegurar que todos los equipos y sistemas estén funcionando correctamente durante el evento. Esto puede incluir la configuración y prueba de equipos de audio, video y luz, la resolución de problemas técnicos en tiempo real y la supervisión de un equipo de técnicos durante el evento.

El soporte técnico y audiovisual es esencial para asegurar que el evento se desarrolle sin interrupciones y para brindar una experiencia inolvidable a los asistentes.


We speak the same language as technology.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is an essential service for international and multilingual events. Simultaneous interpreters translate in real time, allowing attendees of different languages to fully participate and understand what is happening at the event.

Simultaneous interpretation takes place in acoustically isolated booths and headphones are provided for attendees. Professional simultaneous interpreters are experts in their native language and the target language, and can interpret on a wide range of topics and contexts. It allows attendees to fully participate and enjoy the event, regardless of their language or culture.


Wherever you are, we bring you closer to what matters to you.


The technical streaming service for events is essential to bring the event to a global audience through the internet.

We work to ensure smooth and seamless live streaming, using cutting-edge technology and a focus on stream quality. This may include selecting and configuring broadcast equipment, real-time technical troubleshooting, and supervising a team of technicians during the live broadcast.

In addition, we offer customized and flexible solutions adapting to the unique needs of each event, allowing virtual attendees to participate and enjoy the event, and enabling organizers to reach a global audience effectively.


The limit is set by you.


Webinar technical support is essential to ensure the successful execution of an online broadcast.

As professionals, we work to resolve any technical issues that may arise during the webinar, from connection issues to audio and video issues. We can also assist presenters and moderators in setting up and using technology during the webinar. In addition, our technical support can provide customized solutions and contingency solutions to guarantee the continuity of the webinar, even in case of technical problems. Our goal is to allow attendees to participate and enjoy the content seamlessly.



Event recording

The technical work of recording events is crucial to capture and preserve the key moments of an event. We use state-of-the-art technology to record high-quality audio and video, and to edit and produce final materials such as digest videos and full-length recordings. This may include selecting and setting up recording equipment, optimizing audio and video quality, and editing and post-production to produce high-quality materials.

We provide customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each event, enabling organizers and sponsors to capture and preserve key event moments for future use and allowing attendees to relive key moments through high-quality materials.


The magic touch.


Event video post-production is the process of editing and enhancing the recording of an event to produce high-quality materials.

We use advanced software and technology to edit, cut, and enhance the quality of audio and video recorded during an event. This may include removing errors or deviations, adding effects and transitions, improving audio and video quality, and creating summary or compilation videos. Video post-production can also include adding subtitles, creating slideshows, and other supporting materials to enhance the viewing experience. Video post-production allows you to create high-quality and professional materials that can be used to promote future events.


Unforgettable moments.


We provide technical services for sound, lighting and video recording for weddings. We work to ensure that all technical aspects of the event run smoothly, from music during the reception to live streaming of the wedding for family and friends unable to attend in person.

In addition, we provide customized solutions to suit each couple's unique needs and preferences. Collaboration with the AV Technician allows the bride and groom to have a hassle-free and worry-free wedding, and allows the guests to enjoy a hassle-free and high-quality wedding experience. High-quality video and audio recording provided by an audiovisual technician allows the bride and groom to preserve key moments of their wedding forever.


When the experience has to be collective.


Our audiovisual technical service consists of providing technical sound, lighting and video recording services for large-scale events, such as congresses, conferences and trade fairs.

We work to ensure that all technical aspects of the event run smoothly, from the sound quality in conference sessions to the projection of presentations and videos.

We also record high-quality video and audio, allowing organizers to create promotional materials and documentation for future events.


Unrepeatable memories.


We provide technical sound, lighting and video recording services for music events, ensuring that the quality is excellent during the concert, so that the public can enjoy a smooth and exciting experience.

In addition, with our audiovisual technical service we provide personalized solutions to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each artist and event, allowing artists to be sure that their presentation will be transmitted effectively to their audience.

High-quality video and audio recording also allows artists to create promotional materials and documentation for future events and performances.


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